Guided implant surgery course

Bergen, Norway, 27. januar 2024

What is guided implant surgery?

Using a surgical guide or drilling template can significantly improve the precision and predictability of implant surgery, and may reduce chair time for the patient.

The process often looks like this:

The guide is designed in a 3D implant planning software, based on a CBCT Scan and intraoral 3D scans. The job is often done by dental labs based on the instructions of the surgeon. The guide is often 3D printed or milled.
Drilling is done through a titanium sleeve in the guide that controls the position, angulation and depth of the osteotomy.

The selected implant is then placed through the same guide/sleeve, securing a accurate placment in relation to the plan.
With this method it is easier to plan the prosthodontics in advance, often resulting in a more optimal prostodonthic situation.
The method is also minimally invasive - in stead of opening larger cuts in the gingiva, only a small opening is made with a tissue punch.

The course is led by Dr. Nachum Samet, DMD, former professor at Harvard School of Dental Medicine. Today he runs his own clinic, and is a member of Adin’s Scientific Advisory Board. He has participated in the development of the Adin Guide system, and also posess a wealth of knowlede in the field of implantology.

The course is based on Adin's guided surgey kits, but the techniques and processes involved are mostly the same for other systems widely used in Scandinavia.

The course will be held in english. Basic knowledge/experience in implantology is presumed.


Friday 26.01.2024

19:00 - Welcome drinks and dinner at the hotel for those arriving friday.

Saturday 27.01.2024

08:30 - Registration

09:00 - Welcome/Introduction

09:15 -  Guided surgery by Dr. Samet part 1

12:00 -  Lunch

13:00 -  Guidet surgery part 2

15:00 -  Two norwegian dentists present implant cases done with guided surgery.

17:00 -  Hands on training on models under instruction

20:00 -  Dinner at the hotel

Venue: Panorama Hotell & Resort |

Day ticket including lunch and dinner: NOK 4.900

Complete package with course, all meals and hotel room NOK 8.900
Friday - Sunday

For registration or more info - email to


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